Laccar waterfall

Laccar waterfall is located in Laccar sub-village, Kebun teluk dalam village, Sangkapura district, about 15 km from the center Sangkapura district. The location can reached by four wheel drive vehicles up to Laccar sub-village. Arrive the tourist sites, not directly meet the waterfall, but you have to walk through forest path which surrounded by palm trees as far as about 500 meters. Continued by passed the rocky river about 200 meters, then get to Laccar waterfall area. This waterfall has about 25 meters height with artistic cliffs background, but for last ten years, the water flow is heavily and has influenced by season. If the rainy season comes, the water flows swift and mighty strength. Otherwise, during the dry season, the water becomes more weak. This tourist area has surrounded by hills that covered with leafy trees, provides cool air atmosphere. Of course, this condition makes visitors feel comfortable to enjoy the roar of the water that falls in between the rocks and the chirping sounds of variety birds and monkeys of forest dwellers around Laccar waterfall. Those are heard at any time, as if to greet all visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of natural scenery.

Water spilled from the height of the rock cliffs flowing downstream, give freshness and beautiful scenery atmosphere. This is the incredible tourism potential of Laccar waterfall. While the nature atmosphere around gives coolness with a gentle breeze blowing wet, with rocks piled which is usually used as a stopover for many people and ready to play a natural shower or swim in cool pool. Laccar waterfall will always be a potential natural destination in Bawean. Beside Laccar waterfall, Laccar sub-village also has beautiful environment, natural footpaths in the forest and then pass through a river with twisted contortion water flow to get to the waterfall are giving particular challenge for visitors. Along the way to the waterfall, visitors will encountered wildlife such as monkeys and various birds chirping, which adds the nature impression. If you want to having trip, Laccar waterfall gives a lot of study objects, for example want to learn zoning aquatic ecosystem of the river, the oxygen content of water, biodiversity palm trees, the classification of Bryophyta (mosses) and pteridophyta (ferns), closely acquainted to Spermatophyta plants (drupe plants), the types of rocks, erosion and landslides, and many other things that can be learned.
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